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Lead generation is an essential component to a website. While the focus has always been on how to get traffic to come to a website, many people forget about the importance of lead generation. Website owners should not forget about the ‘main objective’ of having a website – to convert the traffic generated into sales or potential sale. With an ecommerce website the effectiveness of a website can be measured by the tally of sales obtained throughout a period of time; non ecommerce websites, however, will need a lead generation system to evaluate the level of customer acquisition.

As much as an ecommerce website’s main objective is to lead to sale, a conventional website’s focus is to have the website visitors make enquiries or a phone call. With lead generation, the minimal bar should be set at how much personal information we can acquire from each website visitor. The objective of lead generation is to obtain contact information so that you can use it for future promotional efforts.

Suffice to say that without proper a lead generation system on a website, the website’s basically a purposeless shell. Critical information that can lead to potential sale in the future is essential to a non-ecommerce website.

C3i3’s lead generation system can help generate qualified leads that you can convert into a valuable long-term customer-supplier relationship. The lead generation services that C3i3 implements into your website includes components like a simple contact form, or it could something more interactive like survey forms, white paper, or software downloads. These lead generation applications will prompt action on the part of the website visitors, urging them to dispense with important personal information that you would have otherwise lost.

A newsletter signup form is a popular lead generation application that just about any website should consider placing into their website. A newsletter is a vehicle that periodically lets you communicate directly with your potential customers. Remember, reports and studies have shown that most people don’t make their first inquiry or sale the first time; Inquiries or sales are made between the third and sixth time a customer pays a visit to your website after a sense of trust is developed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to collect vital data from your website visitors – to maximize the visit from a unique website visitor, you’ll need a reliable lead generation system.