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Looking for the right email marketing and management solution to market your products and services repeatedly through a newsletter? Go no further than C3i3’s email marketing & management system! C3i3 brings you a revolutionary, all-in-one email marketing system that ranks high amongst the best systems in the world today. Our email marketing system has been designed for top performance, reliability, and excellent results.

C3i3 offers three basic packages for flexibility and budget fitting options:-

  1. c.0 Basic
  2. c.0 Commercial
  3. c.0 Industrial

The capacity and features vary from one email marketing & management package to another without compromising on the quality and effectiveness. With C3i3’s email marketing services, you can send newsletters in either HTML or plain text format, depending on the needs of your email marketing campaign. In fact, you can combine and segregate text and HTML message according to the locality and preferences of the recipients. Our email marketing & management solution offers you complete control and scalability of up to tens of millions of recipients all over the world.

C3i3’s email marketing & management system brings to you the revolutionary Dynamic Content Merge, Click-Thru Tracking and Response Querying features. With these features you can track, check overviews, and analyze detailed reporting to help gauge response and effectiveness of each campaign.  Being able to monitor this progress is essential to making the small changes to your campaign that make large differences.

Speed is of concern when there’s a large volume of mailing list recipients – with only C3i3’s basic email marketing & management system, it takes less than an hour to delivery to ten million recipients located anywhere in the world. Higher performance and speedier options are available too.

Reliable automation helps cut operational time, which saves money. Subscribe, unsubscribe, maintenance and basic operation are automated with the program which helps establish integrity for your website. C3i3’s email marketing & management system will also track bounced emails, restart, or redeliver each email sent out.

What differentiates C3i3’s email marketing & management solution is the Dynamic Content Merge feature. You can customize and target each newsletter you send out based on specific demographic information and subscriber profile (age, gender, location and personal preferences).

Compared to other high-end email marketing & management systems in the world today, C3i3’s package is very affordable.  Our email marketing & management systems can be specifically designed to fit into tight budgets, while maintaining functionality.

It’s extremely easy to use C3i3’s email marketing and management services too because of its web-based interfaced with the ability to store and automatically send scheduled newsletters. There is absolutely no download, installation and configuration involved – it’s all done through the c.0 Campaign Manager page.

Check out C3i3’s budget friendly email marketing & management systems by contacting us today.  We promise that you won’t be disappointed.