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The progress of web marketing is not an easy process to follow if you are not fully devoted to it.  Web marketing is a field that is constantly changing as the internet continues to evolve.  C3i3 Interactive, Inc. can help you stay on top of the web marketing game by offering you these services:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tedious process.  You need an automated system for delivery that you can rely on.  C3i3’s email marketing packages give you full functionality while being able to track your effectiveness.  Our email marketing services integrate your brand design, offline and online, into your newsletters and other promotional copy.  C3i3’s email marketing services allow you to track, overview, and analyze detailed reports of your email marketing campaign.  These functions allow you to gauge response and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and pinpoint which aspects need to be revised.

Ad Serve

C3i3 helps you craft your market image with our ad serving services.  Our fully scalable and flexible ad serving services include brand intros, rich media banners, demos, interactive content, web reports, on-line training manuals, product presentations, and more.  Our ad serving service opens the doors to new customers and new leads.

Affiliate Marketing

By utilizing C3i3’s affiliate marketing program, you can increase your sales force without having to pay anything until a sale is made.  When you participate in affiliate marketing, you are allowing other people / businesses to spread the message of your products/services on their websites.  Once a sale has been determined to be a direct result of your affiliate marketing program, you simply pay your affiliate a small percentage for the sale.  Affiliate marketing remains one of the most effective and inexpensive methods for gathering recognition and sales.

Social Networking

Leveraging social networking websites to your advantage is a great way for your business / services / products to gain recognition and to generate sales.  Social networking is all about linking and spreading your business’ information throughout the internet.  By receiving links from your social networks, you are aiding your SEO practices, as search engines look favorably upon outside links to your website.  C3i3 helps you with the first step of being discovered; after that, then the social network gives your marketing campaign a life of its own.

If you would like more information about our web marketing services or more information on our service in general, please give us a call at 866-323-C3i3 today.  You can also fill out the forms on our contact us page and a representative will be with you shortly.