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Unfortunately, for your website to be effective, you cannot simply build it and leave it.  You need continual website upkeep to ensure that your website is working for you.  You may not have the resources for this, however.  That is where C3i3 Interactive, Inc. comes in handy.  We have the experience and resources to handle all of your web management at a fraction of the cost that you would incur by hiring and training in-house.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is an essential part of any non-ecommerce website.  Lead generation refers to the act of gathering personal information about your website visitors.  You can use this personal information for future promotions, whether it is an email address, phone number, or home/business address.  Lead generation can also be beneficial for ecommerce sites because research shows that most customers do not purchase products / services on their first visit.  You need a hook like a newsletter to keep them coming back.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) can be considered the marriage between Pay Per Click campaigns and organic search engine optimization.  The goal of search engine marketing is gain visibility through the search engines, whether it comes from PPC or SEO.  Proper SEM is always implanted into every web design that C3i3 creates for our clients, as well as our own website.

Pay Per Click Management

Don’t leave your PPC campaign up to chance.  The web marketing team at C3i3 has the experience and know-how to effectively target your PPC campaign in order to receive the highest gains.  Use our PPC management to gain exposure for your business, generate leads, and get more conversions.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

The end result of organic search engine optimization is essentially the same as PPC:  land your website on the search engine results page (SERP).  Organic SEO achieves this goal at much less expensive cost, however, because your customers can click through your link without your PPC provider charging you for the advertisement.  C3i3 has helped many of our clients receive a spot on the SERP through organic SEO.

Virtual Online Manager

C3i3’s virtual online manager services take all of the website design and upkeep stress off of your back.  The advantage of using C3i3 for your virtual online manager is that we handle all of tasks associated with your website instead of you having to manage many different vendors for one website.  Our web management service ensures that your website will be fully integrated and seamless.

If you would like more information about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866-323-C3i3.  To have a C3i3 representative contact you, fill out the forms on our contact us page.