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In today’s fast-paced working environment, efficiency and speed are at the top of the list of priorities for growing and established companies alike. If you’re looking for intranet solutions for your home office or satellite office, we can help you stay connected in an effort to accelerate effectiveness and yet amplify profitability.

Before implementation of an intranet solution, our team of intranet professionals will be sent to evaluate your needs. Once the requirements are considered, a unique intranet solution will be designed to best fit your needs as a business. Using top of the line hardware and software, we’ll get you connected in no time! Using highly advanced integration systems, C3i3 will keep you networked 24/7 to facilitate workflow.

Intranets and extranets alike, they help our clients work smarter by streamlining communication on top of making sharing of files and transferring of data easier and faster. What’s interesting is that our intranet experts guide you from the first step to the finish line – that’s our promise we intend to keep. This includes assessment of needs, selection of hardware and software, installation, server configuration, testing, modification, and servicing. Our intranet solutions are well-known for their enhanced security and cross-platform integration.

Extranet Solutions – That Xtra Edge

C3i3 can help make your business-to-business communication, shared hosting, virtual private networks, mobile integration and remote management a breeze! Much like our intranet solutions experts, you can stay connection without compromising the security of documents and private data. Our extranet solutions are suitable for all types of business – from home offices to satellite offices.

Digital Automation for the Digital Age

Everything is literally digital these days – making our world a more efficient and profitable place for business. Our customized digital automation solution creates a more efficient paperless office. Tracking, monitoring, communicating, networking and testing can be done not only speedily, but also cost-effectively. Going digital is one of the ways your company can contribute to the Green Movement and ensure maximum profitability!

C3i3 also offers a very complete and affordable data management solutions package. Our clients can choose from modular, extensible, secure and functionally complete data management solutions to help smooth out the creases in running a business.