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The internet is a bridge that connects consumers and sellers from all over the world.  With the integration of our ecommerce shopping car solutions, your website is turned into an online retail outlet that is open 24×7.  Imagine having a clerk at your store at all hours of the day, including weekends and holidays, without having to pay him/her an hourly rate.  With our ecommerce solutions, it is a possibility.

An eCommerce shopping cart system can be implemented into just about any website, but the size and variation of tools and features is what makes one ecommerce shopping cart package different from another.

C3i3’s ecommerce solution allows you to add an unlimited number of products into a website easily and quickly. Categories and sub-categories can be created, deleted and changed easily through an interface designed for a non-technical person. This can be done with our simple ecommerce shopping cart solution.

As with every other service that C3i3 offers, our ecommerce solutions are scalable to your needs and budget.  For our clients with specific needs, our team of shopping cart designers is capable of designing an entirely custom-made system that allows for flexible usage catering specifically to the needs of your company. The ecommerce shopping cart package will help collect customer payment profiles and credit card information for quick processing. The ecommerce shopping cart system can easily be integrated with the client’s existing credit card processing service provider.

With C3i3’s ecommerce shopping cart solution, you’ll agree with the prompt processing of online orders as quick notifications are sent out the very moment an order is placed. What’s important, however, lies in how safe the system operates.  We guarantee that C3i3’s shopping cart system is capable of providing customers and merchants with a safe, reliable and convenient online shopping and/or selling experience.

C3i3’s ecommerce shopping cart system was designed to make processing easier; that is why inventory tracking, reporting, functionality, promotional and discount coupon issuing tools are included with our ecommerce shopping cart system.

With a safe and secure ecommerce shopping cart system from C3i3, the growth of your business is guaranteed as you bridge the gap between consumers and sellers through the most used media today – the internet.