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A website dispenses knowledge and information – this is a fact. Not a lot of people, however, know about what goes on behind the scenes.

A website can generate and keep a lot of information in its database. The information collected is mainly from website visitors which includes details of their visit including, membership IDs, passwords and personal information (if any). All this requires a proper database system to be in place. C3i3 has a team of experienced and highly skilled database development staff who can help you come up with a database that ensures smooth running of an e-commerce site or a HTML website.

Database development is also required to run online surveys. This happens when a company needs to gather feedback and comments from their website visitors through online polls and surveys. The information is crucial to your operation and the future development of your company and website. Hence, you will need a team of reliable database development people to come in with their skilled knowledge to custom-make your database for you and set it up on your website.

Many companies who run events also need database developers to design a program that helps them register people for special events. C3i3’s web development team specializes in custom-made database development – you get to dictate the kind and amount of information you want to collect from your website visitors.

It makes more sense to include a database development package together with your website designing package; this is so that the database is smoothly integrated into your website design and launched at the same time.

The types of database development packages we offer our clients differ tremendously from one package to another. Our Data Conversion Database Development service includes capturing data from one or more existing source and then converting it into a different format. Another type of database development service offer includes aiding in the migration process from one source to another – this is what we call data migration.

C3i3’s database development service is so complete that we have database programmers and database specialists who can rewrite or alter the whole or part of the database for our clients. With our database development service, you can copy an existing (or modify it before implementation) database and plant it into a new or current website.

Using the right database development service provider is of utmost importance to a company because sensitive information is involved. C3i3 Interactive, Inc. has demonstrated, as seen on our design gallery, that we have the tools and experience to fully integrate database into your web design.

Communication is the key to developing a healthy relationship between the database developers and the clients. That is why we go the extra mile to be clear and upfront about what is to be expected and what is to be required of us. C3i3’s database development service has become one of the best in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have php, asp, aspx, jsp, linux and open source based database development services available.

Please contact C3i3 for a free consultation. We are located in Alameda, CA.