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During the early days of the Internet, the role of a webmaster was crucial because it is this person’s role to change, edit, remove, alter or add new web content into a website. With the introduction of what we call content management systems (CMS), this is no longer absolutely true. In fact, with a proper content management system in place, the role of a webmaster (except for tasks involving programming, scripting and online promotion) have been reduced down to a bare minimal once your website has been created. In the constantly-revolving world of the Internet, it’s important to make changes quickly; CMS allows you to quickly and easily add, edit, or delete content from your website as you need.

A customized content management system helps companies save a bundle of money as time goes on. With C3i3’s content management system in place, just about anyone, with or without programming or HTML knowledge can log in with their unique username and password to add, edit or delete objects or pages from the website. The content management system makes a very complicated and technical task uncomplicated for everyone else.

A content management editor enables remote handling and updating of the website from anywhere in the world.  As long as there is internet access, immediate changes can be implemented quickly and easily.

What makes iCCMS content management system unique is in the fact that we have a team of people with extensive experience, professional knowledge, certification and qualification to come up with the best content management system that suits your needs. Through our combined experience and extensive research on building content management systems, we have pooled together our expertise to come up with an impenetrable content management system that speeds up the process of updating your website for you.

Using C3i3’s content management system is completely secure with encrypted password whenever an assigned administrator or editor logs in. Once logged in to the system, updating the content of the website takes mere minutes from anywhere in the world – be it uploading/downloading a PDF white paper, image or video. C3i3’s unique and affordable content management system is easy to use and operates on the WYSIWYG system.

A content editing system is a worthwhile long term investment for any website because it simplifies change to layout and content and cuts down on the time invested in uploading content.

For more information about C3i3’s affordable content management system, pick up the phone and dial 866-323-C3i3 for a live demo right now.