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Regardless of how much time and money have been spent on designing a website, there will come a time when a website redesign is considered necessary. Technology continues to evolve, and in order to not fall behind the times, so must your website. In order to maintain a website that doesn’t look outdated, you must hire a website redesign team that will bring your website up to date with the latest trends in web design. Often, this website redesign is prompted by the launch of a new branding exercise or a change in direction for the company.

A major or a minor website redesign

The extent of the website redesign depends completely on the budget and individual needs. A complete branding makeover may not always be necessary to capture new markets.  Website design is a continual process.  Sometimes a minor website redesign will create a major increase in online business.

For instance, you can opt to add new tools and functionality to collect personal information from website visitors, as well as enhance your customer’s experience with your company’s website.  Also, a website redesign that leaves room for new content to be continually added may entice website visitors to periodically return for more, instead of just bouncing off the site.

Periodic website redesign is essential to online growth

Think of your website as a living document.  If you don’t take care of your website, it won’t take care of you.  C3i3’s creative website redesign team can help you nourish your website back to the ecommerce life that it needs.

Website redesign may bring you more leads than ever before

Website redesign from C3i3 is more than just nice graphics, flash, and/or new content.  We are diligent to add the latest in SEO to your website redesign, so that your website may be more visible.  Having a high placement on the search engine results page (SERP) is vital to the life and growth of your website.  The higher your page shows up on the SERP, the more traffic your website will see.  Give your website an edge on your competitors’ websites by utilizing our knowledgeable and experienced website redesign team.

C3i3’s website redesign package

C3i3 offers website redesigning services to big and small clients alike. Our website redesign team pays due diligence to your specifications in order to provide you a website that maintains the aspects that work, while fixing those that don’t.  In addition to stunning visual graphics, flash, and expert content writing, C3i3’s website redesign team specializes in internet marketing, ecommerce, content management systems (CMS), and database solutions.

To find out more information about C3i3’s website redesign packages, give our customer service representatives a call right now!