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Kick Off Meeting | Project Management

When you decided to work with C3i3 Interactive, Inc., the first order of business in our web design process is to dedicate a meeting to get a feel for your company and to get a clearer picture on the vision you have for your website.  The kick off meeting is a brainstorming session where you clearly define your website needs and we help steer you in the right direction.

Discovery & Strategy

After the kick off meeting, we take all of the information that you presented in the kick off meeting and let it roll around in our heads.  During the discovery and strategy stage, we figure out where your internet market exists and how to reach it.

Information Architecture

The information architecture stage of C3i3’s web design process is the step where we begin to establish what pages will make up your website.  When designing the information architecture, we take in account the location of your market and how to reach them.  During the this stage, a informational blueprint of your website is established.

Design Brief

The design brief is the portion of C3i3’s web design process where we come up with an image of what your website may look like.  This is a mockup of what the actual site will look like.  We submit the designs to you and if they suit style you were hoping for, we charge ahead.

Content Production

Content production, along with HTML/CSS production, is the heavy lifting portion of our web design process.  During this stage, we take everything thing that has been discussed an begin building the actual website/design.

Rough Design Wireframing

When the website begins to form, we submit a rough design (wireframe) for you.  Here you can see some of the fruits of our web design process.  Essentially the wireframe is a mildly functioning example of your website to be.  Here you can interact with the website and get a feel of what it will be when finished.

Custom Web Design | UI Design

After the design concepts on the wireframe have been approved, C3i3’s web design team begins to bring your website to life with user-interface design.  Our UI design focuses on both functionality and aesthetics, giving your customers the best possible experience.

HTML | CSS Production

HTML/CSS production is the other heavy lifting process of our web design process.  C3i3 codes our websites by hand to ensure the proper function of your website.  We hand code our sites as part of our commitment to functionality.

Quality Assurance / Beta Site

Before your website is launched, C3i3 places it on a private server to ensure that your website is operating at 100%.  During this stage of the web design process, we perform all the little tweaks need for your website according to your preferences.

Site Launch

It’s time to show your website to the world.  During this part of the process C3i3 introduces your website to the internet world and place it on your domain.

Online Marketing

After your website has been launched, it’s time to let the world know about it.  C3i3 registers your website with all the major search engines and sets up a PPC campaign to start the flow of traffic; which eventually turns into paying customers.