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The same way no two person is ever alike, no two website is ever exactly the same either! C3i3 website development packages and service programs is tailor-made to suit your needs and requirements based fundamentally on what you need from your website. The web development team will sit through brainstorming sessions together and with the client to establish the core necessities of the website, the approach to take and ascertain the style and site map. Our web development service team of people has extensive experience and portfolio to boost; therefore, you know you’re in good hands when you employ our web development services.

What we want to know before we help develop your website is:

  • Your core business principle
  • The function of your website
  • Regularity of updates and edits
  • What your customers want and will find striking
  • How to keep your customers
  • The best way to highlight your company’s advantages and benefits

Be it a KISS (keep it simple and sweet) website or a more interactive web development package, C3i3 will customize our package to suit your needs. It is possible to integrate a shopping cart system into your website if you intend to sell online – this way, your website is transformed into a 24/7 brochure, company profile AND cash register all at the same time!

Website development made easy

The C3i3 web development team can also incorporate a web content management system to enable self-editing and updating on your side without the need of external help. These database and content interfaces are extremely easy to use so just about anyone authorized to do so can log in and add, edit or delete the content instantaneously. In so saying, there will be no compromise on what your website visitors see on the monitor and the full functionality of what we provide through our web development packages. There are three types of web development packages that will definitely fit into your budget, and at the same time, accommodate your requirements. C3i3 offers the following web development service packages…IC-ES e-Commerce, IC-CMS Content Management System, IC-DS Database Solutions and also the IC-VS Professional website web development service package.

Value-For-Money web development packages

Here at C3i3, we don’t only give you a dollar for a dollar website development package; our aim is to provide the BEST VALUE for all of our web development packages! So, what you’re getting may amount to Two dollars worth of web development service for a dollar! If you have the text and content in place for your website, then we’re ready to take it from there. Other value-added services included in our web development packages are our library of professional stock images, basic content revisions, pre-launch services and onsite consultation. Wait no more…if you’re looking for an affordable web development package for your website, it’s time to give us a call right now.