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Flash design can really add value to your website design.  Not only is flash design attractive and professional looking, but it can also be very functional, adding to your customers’ experience with your website.  Instead of a flat, static look and feel to your website design, flash design brings your website design to life.

At C3i3 we feel that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.  Our flash design is not just for cheap gimmicks or bells and whistles.  Besides aesthetics, we believe that flash media design should serve a purpose: to add functionality to a website.  Every piece of flash design that we add to our clients’ website is always strategically placed, well-planned, and designed in such a manner that it serves its purpose.

Flash design gives your website visitors confidence. Through a very short flash design introduction, your website visitors will get a glimpse of what your company, products and services is all about. The attention span of website visitors is short; hence, the purpose of a flash design is to first, attract the attention of your potential clients/customers and then display a series of images and explanatory text to give them an overview of what your company is all about.

As previously mentioned, web surfers typically have short attention spans.  You need a flash design that isn’t going to take a minute and half to load.  Your potential customers will not put up with the wait and move on to the next page if your flash design does not load nearly instantaneously.  C3i3 is very conscious of this problem concerning flash design; that is why we take the extra time in designing flash to make sure everything loads quickly and efficiently.

Between videos, audio and flash design, using flash to make a professional short presentation from the voice of your company makes more sense. It’s faster-loading, more effective and has more options. Options for using flash design as a ‘live webcast’ remains open – this can be in the form of a short message from your company’s spokesperson, or it could be a short virtual tour of your company’s facility.

Flash design can also be used to offer ‘training’ or ‘guides’ for your web visitors or your own staff. Even Google itself uses flash design to help people navigate their search engine or offer tutorials for many of their online tools. That’s because flash design offers limitless possibilities!

Even with the ever-changing internet media trends, flash design remains an imperative alternative for online demonstrations, press releases, product launches, interactive or live messages, PR events, tutorials, corporate events, branding seminars, online training, etc.

Give your website the lift that it needs with flash design today and call C3i3 today!