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Brand design is actually a process that delves deeper than just the shallow aesthetic value of a logo design or corporate identity of a company. Brand design, in actuality, is a process that involves reading into the needs, requirements, and changes of the specific target market. The brand design must create a corporate identity that will embed an image into the minds of consumers and build confidence amongst its target audiences. Although if you asked the average Joe what brand design is, the likely answer would be a ‘logo’.

The brand design or the logo design, plays a pivotal role in defining the product lines of a company while the brand identity should sell the company with each eyeball that it reaches. Therefore, it’s certainly more than just graphic design or strategic placement of words, taglines and perhaps an altered and faintly identifiable object or shape that forms the brand design and identity.

This fundamental difference distinguishes C3i3 from other web development companies.  The brand design that we create for you will ingrain a very deep, far-rooted image of your products and services. The brand design that C3i3 comes up with will always represent the core of your business principle that attracts the target market.  Understanding what your potential customers want is an integral part of our brand design process; hence, we are driven to bring you a brand design that will resonate well with the customers in your market for years to come.

C3i3 will, first, take the time to research into your market.  What are the demographics of your target market, what is their behavior, and what captures their attention?  We then take that data and develop a brand design from your feedback.  Next, through brainstorming sessions and in-depth discussion between our creative team, brand design development team, we fine-tune your brand design until the perfect brand design for your company is reached.

C3i3 has been in the branding business for since 2002.  We’ve designed logos and created branding strategies for large and small companies alike – be it technology firms, limousine service companies, management companies, or construction companies.  Our creative design team will step into the shoes of your consumers and think like them in order for us to come up with the perfect brand design for you. As you can see from our extensive portfolio of clients, we will definitely hit the right note and depict what your company is all about.

C3i3 continually strives to be one of the best brand design companies in not only the web development industry, but the branding design industry as well.